Aluminum Foil Industry

Thin & Ultra-Thin Aluminum Foil

Commodity Foil serves many industries, including food and beverage, flexible packaging, industrial, cosmetic, RFI, lidding, shielding, sound dampening, pharmaceutical, confectionary, can liners and automotive industries with aluminum foil.


Aluminum foil services the beverage industry in a variety of ways. Comprised of a wide range of foil gauges, alloys and widths, foil plays an integral role in flexible packaging of beverage containers.

Confectionery & Candy

Aluminum foil is widely used for its protective properties within the food industry. Because of its moisture barrier and vapor barrier properties, foil can help keep food fresh and free from contaminates.


Aluminum Foil plays an integral roll in distribution of cosmetic goods because it adds a level of visual enhancement and shelf appeal for display.

Flexible Packaging

Refers to materials that are comprised of a variety of different substrates that are combined into a structure to package a specific good. Commodity Foil services the flexible packaging industry by providing the ultimate moisture and vapor barrier in the form of aluminum foil. Additionally, aluminum foil is superior for its dead fold properties.

Foil labels

The use of aluminum foil for labels on almost any packaging materials (for instance: cardboard boxes, bottles, and/or plastic) can make even a simple brand stand out from the rest.

Food Service Industry

There is no substitute for how useful aluminum foil is to the food service industry. When used properly, aluminum foil creates an impermeable barrier between the product and outside contaminates. The aluminum foil within the packaging extends the shelf life of the food.

Hamburger & Hot Dog

Aluminum foil has strong insulation properties which serve to keep the product it wraps warmer for longer than it would otherwise remain.

Pharmaceutical & Medical

Aluminum foil is invaluable in the pharmaceutical and medical packaging industries because of its exceptional barrier properties that protects the product from contamination. Contaminants may include air, light, bacteria and moisture.

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