Aluminum Foil Rolls

Thin & Ultra-Thin Aluminum Foil

Commodity Foil is a distributor with warehousing capabilities for aluminum foil. Commodity offers various widths (2.125 inches to 79.5 inches) of aluminum foil rolls, manufactured from mills all over the world. Top mills manufacture the foil and Commodity Foil’s inventory comprises over a million pounds in various widths, gauges and alloys. Through Commodity’s relentless pursuit of quality aluminum, coupled with our extensive service history to the aluminum industry, we have enabled Commodity to work with the best global mills of aluminum foil.

Commodity Foil is capable of slitting aluminum rolls into various widths. Beginning with an input roll up to 72 inches, Commodity can slit down to 3 inch cuts. We can rewind onto 3 or 6 inch inner diameter (I.D.) cores, steel or fiber, up to 24 inches outer diameter (O.D.). Commodity Foil can also provide you with copper foil and metalized polyester (MET 1 and MET 2).

Commodity Foil can provide trial roll or truck load (T.L.) quantity to its clients. We also provide “just in time inventories” and/or “make and hold” programs.

If you determine that your forecast numbers were insufficient for your businesses quantity or volumes, Commodity Foil would be pleased to assist you with your stop gap.

“The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

~ Benjamin Franklin

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